Monday, May 30, 2011

From the beginning...

Art is very sacred to me. I am devoted to it, addicted to it, and it teaches me. I have no interest in controlling what is expressed through me, I study it's revelations and apply them to my life.
Art is passive and can be easily dominated and overruled by the will. That is the common mistake made by many of the artists I have met in my life. The gift comes when art is invited, and allowed to lead, then something truly new can be created. It takes no courage to do a familiar task, to repeat an action until it becomes a habit, this is the way of the craftsman. To risk, to challenge and make mistakes is the place where true discovery lies. Bringing a new thing into the world is the path of the true Artist. To asking that "thing" to teach you is to be open to revelation.
Revelation is the realm of the Subtoons, and I have been subtooning since 1992. I hope to share some of my experiences and discoveries with you over time.
Fil Barlow: Subtoonist


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